Research Themes

Our research themes cover a wide range of topics, disciplines and interdisciplinary approaches.

Within the school, our researchers explore:

  • global challenges and histories;
  • identity issues and cultural and religious diversity;
  • creative practices;
  • language;
  • heritage;
  • material cultures. 

We have world leading scholars and expertise reflected in our Research Centres such as the , and our Centre for the Study of Sexuality and Culture. Our cross-faculty  brings together cutting-edge research in disaster management and peace building, and our  continues to be a leader in its field, benefiting from the presence of internationally significant prize-winning writers such as Jeanette Winterson, Kamilla Shamsi and Ian McGuire. 

In terms of linguistic and cultural diversitywe make a major contribution to research relating to the ecology of world languages and cultures, and to linguistic diversity in Manchester and beyond. 

Our  leads the field in experimental, innovative work in electroacoustic composition, and Drama’s award-winning '' project features international networks of artists engaged in producing creative performances in places of war and conflict. 

The  conducts ground-breaking practice-based research in museology and cultural management, and includes work on the digital transformation of the arts and collaborative learning models. 

The  promotes research in the humanities and sciences using the astonishingly rich special collections of The University of Manchester Library. It is at the forefront of innovative and impactful collections-based research, incorporating new approaches in digital humanities and curation, as well as scientific techniques in the study and conservation of heritage materials.