Liberal Arts

Our Liberal Arts courses provide the flexibility to tailor your degree to your interests.

What is Liberal Arts?

I have found that the Liberal Arts programme is not only preparing me to make a living, but also to make a life. The self-expression, critical thinking, empathy and creativity that the subject encourages motivates me to think for myself, as my intellectual and conceptual capacity is increasing.

Connie Morgan / BA Liberal Arts Student

Liberal Arts at The University of Manchester is a highly flexible course that allows students to create their own unique course, combining different subject areas within and beyond the 六合彩网址大全 (SALC).

With an emphasis on interdisciplinary learning, students will be able to tailor their interests throughout the Liberal Arts course and respond to key issues that affect the flourishing of free citizens from social inequality to cultural diversity, and from artificial intelligence to climate change.

The course is ideal for individuals who have a wide range of interests and a passion for making a difference in the world.

With an emphasis on interdisciplinary learning, students can tailor the course, aligning it to their interests and passions.

Combine bespoke Liberal Arts course units with optional course units from across the School of Arts, Languages, and Cultures, as well as from the  and the .

You'll also have the opportunity to take course units from the .

Why study Liberal Arts at Manchester?

Placement year option

Apply your subject-specific knowledge in a real-world context through a placement year in your third year of study, enabling you to enhance your employment prospects, clarify your career goals, and build your external networks.

Study abroad year option

There is also the option for you to study abroad in your third year of study.

Connect with like-minded students

Join one of our student societies to further explore your interests.

Work with Creative Manchester

Based at The University of Manchester, Creative Manchester is positioned to support the creative industries if they seek academic support, student interns, partnerships opportunities with world-class venues, and funding opportunities.

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No matter who you are or what you’re studying, University College for Interdisciplinary Learning (UCIL) offers a variety of courses you can study as part of your degree at Manchester.

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What will I study?

  • You'll study bespoke core liberal arts course units that guide you to think about the role and value of the arts in societies.
  • You'll enrich your understanding of key ideas through units across our different disciplines in and beyond the School. 
  • You’ll be able to take courses through the , to develop your interests.

Course options

There are multiple ways that you can study Liberal Arts at The University of Manchester.