Our research projects

There are a variety of research projects being undertaken within our school. Some of this research activity can be found below or by using the University's research explorer.

Research project websites

Recent and ongoing successful research grants

Recent and ongoing successful research grants, and the researchers involved, include:

Liam Harte

  • ‘Conflict, Memory and Migration: Northern Irish Migrants and the Troubles in Great Britain’ (AHRC Standard) 

Hannah Baker

  • ‘’ (AHRC Standard) 

James Scorer

  • ‘’ (AHRC Standard)

Ana Carden-Coyne

  • ‘Understanding Displacement Aesthetics and Creating Change in the Art Gallery for Refugees, Migrants and Host Communities’ (AHRC Standard)

Patrycja Strycharczuk

  • TarDiS: Targets and Dynamics in Speech (AHRC Early Career)

Laure Humbert

  • ‘Colonial and Transnational Intimacies: Medical Humanitarianism in the French external Resistance, 1940-1945 (AHRC Early Career) 

Eithne Quinn

  • ‘’ (AHRC Leadership Fellow)

Alexia Yates

  • ‘’ (AHRC Leadership Fellow)

Charlotte Wildman

  • ‘Challenging Domesticity in Britain, 1890-1990’ (AHRC Research Networking Grant)

Ben Harker

  • ‘Confronting alienation: bringing theatre to “areas of low cultural engagement” (AHRC Research Follow-on Grant)

Jean-Marc Dreyfus

  • 'Disclosing post-Holocaust and deportation exhumations: the example of the French national search mission for corpses, 1945-1958’ (British Academy Senior Research Fellowship)

Stephen Todd

  • ‘Commentary on Lysias speeches 12-23’ (British Academy Senior Research Fellowship) 

Anastasia Valassopoulos

  • ‘Palestine in the Popular Imagination’ (British Academy Senior Research Fellowship) 

Chantal Conneller

  • ‘Pioneers at the edge: Magdalenians of the Channel River Valley’ (British Academy Small Research Grant)

Jonathan Mair

  • ‘Moral education in practice: Taiwanese Buddhist short-term renunciation’ (British Academy Small Research Grant) 

Andrew Koontz-Garboden

  • ‘The lexical semantics of lexical categories’ (European Research Council)

Paul Oldfield

  • ‘Hidden Histories: Documenting the Past in Medieval Puglia (1130-1250)’ (Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship)

Alexia Yates

  • ‘Property and the Making and Unmaking of French Empire, 1870-1970’ (Leverhulme Trust Philip Leverhulme Prize)

Erica Baffelli

  • 'Travel in Tokugawa Period Japan (1603- 1868): Identity, Nation and Social Transformation (Marie Sklodwska-Curie Actions Individual Fellowship)

Tim Peake

  • Sexual health in antiquity - evidence, influence, identity’ (Wellcome Trust SEED Award)